Remove Pet Hair Roller

When you need to clean pet hair off of your furniture or blankets in a hurry, the ChomChom Roller is your go-to. It looks like a lint roller, but instead of sticky tape, you’ll find textured red fabric underneath the hood. Roll it over your intended target a few times and the pet hair will almost instantly disappear. At 7.5 inches wide, you can cover even large areas fairly quickly.

Note that it will work better on items that are taut, so if you want to use it on clothes or a bedding, hold the item tight while using. The one downside to the ChomChom is you’ll need to empty out the pet hair and other debris yourself, but it’s a small price to pay for deep cleaning.

Your vet or groomer will let you know the best way to reduce shedding if it’s hard to manage, or you have a heavy-shedding breed of dog/cat, e.g. Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Chartreux, Ragdoll, Russian Blue.Fabrics with a nap – like velvet, corduroy, velour and loose knits – will attract and gather pet hair more than others. And natural fibres, including cotton and wool, will attract hair more than synthetics.

If you let your pets on the sofa or they have a favourite armchair, be sure to these regularly using the upholstery tool. We rate the as the best vacuum for pet hair removal. Invest in an anti-static spray to apply after the surface has been cleaned and use a lint roller, too.

Use rubber gloves

You’ve probably got a pair of these lying about somewhere, so this is a great one! Use rubber gloves to clean pet hair off furniture: gently wet the gloves and brush them over the surface of the fabric. They’ll create static which, coupled with the textured surface of the glove, will lift pet hair with ease.

Clean the gloves by plunging them in hot water and the hair will simply come away. Repeat as necessary.

Deal with bedding

Most pet bedding can be washed in the machine, so do this regularly to avoid nasty niffs and a build up of hair.

Once you’ve washed the bedding, take some time to check for and clear away any pet hairs stuck to the inside of the drum. A short rinse cycle will wash these away – you don’t want to cover your next laundry load.

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